Brighton Marina


Keeping the Brighton Marina clear of silt is an ongoing problem which, by its very nature, will never go away. The current method is to dredge the marina and then transport the silt out to sea. This is expensive and time consuming. But a solution to this problem is not too far away.

FPE Site Operations won the contract to drill through the eastern arm of the marina in preparation for the fitting of a pipe which will stretch out into the English Channel. This will allow the dredger to pump the silt away which will save considerable time over the current method.

The eastern arm of the marina is around seven metres thick at this point and the hole diameter is 300mm. To undertake this job, the team (pictured) worked from a 20ft pontoon.


Upon completion the benefits to the Marina will be great, we are delighted to be working on this project. After a cautious start to ensure health and safety was 100%, we are very happy with the progress. We’ve been working closely with Premier Marinas. In less than two weeks, we have drilled through the 8.2m wall, the next stage is to inserting the piping.

Phil Bradley,
Contracts Manager said;