Sugar Handling Systems

Sugar Handling Systems

Sugar Handling systems need to be designed with safety in mind as sugar dust can be highly flammable and even explosive

Sugar Refinery

Sugar refinery processes raw sugar into refined sugar that can be used for consumer sale and consumption.

Sugar refinery has to be handled in a particular way as, quite surprisingly, sugar is very flammable. Sugar is not initially thought of as a flammable substance but in reality, when exposed to an open flame it will burn very easily. Because of the highly flammable nature the dust from sugar refinery has explosive qualities.

In 2008 a sugar refinery in Georgia had a sugar explosion which injured 40 people and killed 14 people. This is why sugar handling systems need to be designed and built with safety in mind, by experts.

There are different types of sugar, such as sugar cane and sugar beet but sugar cane is the most commonly used raw sugar product to produce white sugar.

Sugar Handling Systems

FPE Global have worked to design effective and efficient sugar handling systems to streamline the process using bulk sugar conveying systems.

We have moved on from designing and manufacturing the components necessary for sugar handling and refinement to creating the final solution.

We found it was safer to design a solution fir for purpose, and using our engineers we can incorporate risk assessment and health and safety for the handling of sugar to provide a safe and efficient solution.

FPE Global have used our years of experience and expert engineers to plan and build to create a system that will safely handle explosive powder substances like sugar. By designing the full system you will have a safe finished product.

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