Powder Handling

Powder handling processes are not a one size fits all, it is important to develop a powder handling system that is fit for purpose and process industries can be very diverse.

A system used to convey sand is a different solution to one used to handle food or pharmaceuticals.

Every processing industry has its own constraints and demands; converting raw materials into a unique finished product needs bespoke design and engineering. Powder processing also has its own complexities when powders behave in a volatile way. Controlling powder flow safely and efficiently is a difficult result to achieve.

Powder Handling Solutions

For decades, FPE Global have designed and developed powder handling solutions for powders, pellets, free flowing and bulk density of up to 300 lbs/cu ft. FPE Global have the most experienced designers and engineers and no matter what powder handling and powder processing difficulties you have, FPE have a solution.

Transporting powder for processing that limits waste, spillage and risk will depend not only on the powder or bulk materials being handled but also the processing and end product needs to be considered.

At FPE Global we can produce a solution that is cost effective, efficient and safe. Our first step is to conduct materials research, we have worked with a large range of powders for handling and bulk bag filling and discharge but FPE Global will conduct a number of tests to fully understand how the powder reacts during transportation. An expert member of the team will then conduct a site analysis  to map out your exact requirements for a long term cost effective and safe end product.

Whether you need just a powder handling solution or complete materials handling system the FPE Global team can develop an end solution that will give you an excellent ROI.

With components such as:

  • Screw Conveyors,
  • Belt Conveyors,
  • Ship Unloading Screw Conveyors,
  • Centrafuge Receiver Screw Conveyors,
  • Aeromaster – aero-mechanical conveyors,
  • FIBC (Flexible intermediate bulk container) filling and discharge equipment.

FPE Global is a world leader in bulk materials handling and understand fully the complexities of powder handling.


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