FPE Global Site Operations deliver strength and skill at Brighton Marina

FPE Global Site Operations deliver strength and skill at Brighton Marina

Braving temperatures of 40 degrees at Brighton Marina, the Site Operations team at FPE Global have just completed a successful third week on a 20 week long major contract.

The £400,000.00 project will strengthen the western arm roadway, so that it can be used by traffic weighing up to five tonnes.

Upon completion, the roadway will enable work to commence on a brand new forty storey apartment building, situated directly to the left of the western arm. Currently, with restricted and unsafe access to the site, the road way has become crucially important.

By the end of October FPE Site Ops team will have installed twenty four caissons (steel pillars) along the entire length of the western arm. The base of each caisson will be bolted into the existing concrete base using a chemical fixing while the tops will be bolted to one of a number of 12.5 metre long RSJ’s which, in-turn, are chemically fixed to the underside of the roadway.

Due to restricted access, individual caissons are being craned over the roadway wall and winched into position by hand – not a job for the inexperienced, bearing in mind that each caisson weighs in at around 300kg and each 12.5 metre RSJ weighs close to 700kg.

Roger Speakman, Director FPE Site Operations said;

‘We have a long standing relationship with the exciting restoration development at Brighton Marina, we have every confidence this contract will be completed with the highest regard for H&S, budget and of course within the time frame.’

Site Operations at Brighton Marina


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