Flomat Bagfilla

Flomat Bagfilla

FPE Global are manufacturers of Flomat Bagfilla a solution that can suit all bulk materials, having the knowledge and experience of industry standards in a number of areas means we can produce a total FIBC Filling and Discharging system for your products.

Flomat Bagfilla, pioneers of patented solutions and equipment that can be tailored to ideally and completely suit all bulk material applications. Flomat’s wide ranging knowledge of bag design, material characteristics, environmental and industry standards allows clients to benefit from a Total FIBC Filling & Discharging Solution


Flomat Bagfilla was developed by FPE global over 3 decades ago, in 1982, in this time Flomat has become one of the most efficient and highest rated FIBC handling systems in the industry. Flomat is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other systems and can be used with all types of bulk materials.

In the past 30 years Flomat has released different ranges of systems that make FIBC handling a much more cost effective and safe process.

By continuing to develop the Flomat range we can now provide you FIBC systems that can handle from five bags per hour to over sixty bags per hour with the the six-station Carousel.

With years of experience, FPE Flomat Bagfilla were pioneers and  the first to come up with a workable solution for ‘Big-Bag’ handling Flomat has a superb reputation for its filling and discharging systems.

All Flomat systems are built for purpose, including machines to be used in hyper clean environments such as labs for Pharmaceuticals.

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