Flomat Bagfilla launches SuperFlow

Flomat Bagfilla launches SuperFlow

FIBC filling and discharging has come a long way since we perfected and patented our own systems back in the 1980’s. To this day, we still enjoy market leadership in some sectors of the market, particularly the individually designed FIBC discharge sector where customers require highly complex systems for specific material handling.

But these are tough times and an individually designed discharge system, by its very nature, is a costly proposition and, of course, not every customer needs that level of complexity. So, with this thought to the fore, we have developed the SuperFlow.

SuperFlow is a highly effective FIBC discharger which is manufactured to the same exacting standards as our individually designed systems, in the same workshops in Stockport and by the same skilled workforce. The major difference is cost, because we have taken the unusual step of series production and are building for stock.

The advantages of building for stock are numerous; speed of delivery to customers, economies of scale, dedicated workshop and production schedules to name three. But it is the same the world over, we have to be competitive despite the cost of steel continuing to rise. Our steel suppliers are much more willing to discount large orders, so we in turn, are able to pass those discounts on to our customers. The design of EasyFlow has also had a positive impact on its cost because it takes less time to manufacture.

As series production was always going to be the most important consideration, the design of SuperFlow took considerable time to finalise – we didn’t want to go into production with a product that had built-in faults. This gave us the time to talk to customers. The result is a FIBC discharger which we believe is the most user-friendly in its class. For a qualified fork-truck driver, locating the FIBC over the hopper is easy and trouble-free. A simple, yet effective loop retaining mechanism ensures that the FIBC remains secure during discharge, the frame height is easily adjustable an a benefit that SuperFlow shares with every discharger in the Flomat Bagfilla range is the large sealed and lockable window that enables the operator to comfortably access the FIBC ties and to clean the inside of the chute.

In much the same way as our other models, SuperFlow can either be used as a stand-alone FIBC discharger or as part of process system. SuperFlow can be linked to your existing production facility by screw conveyor, belt conveyor or pneumatic conveying and should you require it, load cells can be fitted.
Also, while the stock versions of SuperFlow are manufactured from mild steel, it can also be manufactured from food-grade stainless steel. For more information on SuperFlow and the Flomat Bagfilla range of FIBC filling and discharging systems please contact Ken Brown.

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