FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) is a flexible container that is used for transporting large dry and flowable products. Known also as Bulk bag and big bag containers they are used as an industrial container for products such as sugar, plastic granules, sand or chemicals.

FPE Global are leaders in FIBC handling, not only by designing and engineering Powder Processing systems that can fill, discharge and dose FIBC but also as the designers of the industry leading Flomat Bagfilla FIBC range.


Why use FIBC/Bulk Bags


When moving bulk materials it is important to use specialised FIBC/Bulk Bags, these polypropylene bags have many benefits over traditional 25 kg sacks or extra large 50kg sacks.

Cost – There are many cost benefits to using FIBC/Bulk bags, firstly the labour of filling multiple sacks is more time consuming than filling one bulk bag. Although sacks are cheaper you need to use a lot more sacks in comparison to FIBCs plus you will need pallets to hold the sacks.

Using an FIBC discharge station allows a level of automation, which reduces the level of manual labour required when used to replace a sack tipping operation.

Health and safety – When moving bulk materials health and safety is paramount; by reducing manual lifting of heavy sacks FIBC systems significantly reduce the risk of employee or contractor injuries.

Efficiency – FIBC filling and discharging as well as dosing provides a much more efficient way of transporting bulk materials. FIBC can hold a much larger quantity than a pallet of sacks but can be filled safer, quicker and more accurately.

Carbon Footprint – By using FIBC you reduce packaging turnover, most FIBC products are designed to be reused and reduce waste all factors that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Space saving – FIBCs can be transported without pallets which means you no longer need to purchase and store pallets, FIBC’s have the lowest packaging to product weight ratio and when emptied can be folded flat.

Diverse – FIBCs/Bulk bags in the Flomat range have been developed to hold and transport a number of materials from sand to chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Flomat Bagfilla International


Flomat Bagfilla are the industry leaders for products in FIBC handling, in the past 30 years FPE Global Ltd have developed a full range of FIBC solutions under the Flomat brand that can handle all types of bulk materials.

Given the challenge of creating a solution for filling, discharging and dosing bulk bags, the Flomat Bagfilla range was born.

As innovators as Flomat Bagfilla International, we produce FIBCs that are a safer, more efficient, and a more cost effective solution for moving bulk materials.

Over the past three decades Flomat has become the leading name in FIBC handling, we are continuing to expand the range of FIBCs to include fit for purpose machines that can be used in a range of industries, from Building products to Pharmaceuticals or laboratories.

The Flomat Bagfilla Big Bag Discharge Station is a popular standard product which we continue to mass produce in our production facility, we can offer this standard product at highly competitive prices.

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