FPE Global have expertise in the design and manufacture of mechanical equipment that can handle the most demanding processes.

Mechanical handling systems are used for high throughput rates in challenging environments and therefore need to be robust. Our mechanical transfer equipment is specifically designed for arduous duties up to 800 tonnes per hour, with minimum downtime.


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Our team of experts established Neu Engineering in 1965, marking the start of a development trajectory that has seen FPE Global become a leader in pneumatic conveying.

Pneumatic conveying is our core activity, we are world leaders and innovators in the technology. Every conveying technique is used; pressure and vacuum, closed loop, dilute and dense phase and low velocity.

State of the art test and development facilities, equipped with the complete range of conveying techniques and other processing equipment.

FPE Global produces its own innovative range of pneumatic conveying systems, which utilise air pressure to transport bulk materials from one location to another via a pipe network.

The type of system is classified in terms of its “phase density”, i.e. the mass of product compared to mass of air in the system. FPE Global provides the full range of lean phase and dense phase or NEU phase conveying systems, tailoring each product to match the customer’s individual needs.

For more on the value of pneumatic conveying systems, and how they work, you can go to our product page here.
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FPE Global Industrial Mixing Technologies

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FPE Global expanded its service offering by merging with JW Process Engineering. Customers in the UK and overseas now benefit from a wider product range and expert knowledge in a variety of industrial mixing applications.

JW Process Engineering is an expert in industrial mixing technologies, with over 140 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial mixers, blenders and processing kettles.

You can download our full Industrial Mixing Technologies brochure here or see our range of Industrial mixers here

Sugar Refinery Expertise

FPE Global works closely with the sugar industry to simplify the complexities of sugar processing, syrup clarification and multi media filtration.


FPE Global has been successfully working with the worldwide sugar industry to make sugar processing faster, cleaner and more efficient.

Our industry expertise produces bespoke solutions for handling raw and refined sugar using mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, meaning that we are able to create systems specifically designed for the properties of sugar.

Our systems ensure the refining process is carried out safely and hygienically, with minimal damage to the final product.


Our close relationship with the sugar industry means that we identify challenges from the early design phase, allowing us to implement systems that work better, with less maintenance and down time, leading to increased return on investment (ROI).

We are by no means limited to providing only the essential material transport components for your system. Our knowledge of the sugar industry means that we are able to offer a number of sophisticated products to complement our conveyor systems.

We can provide equipment to assist with process improvement, debottlenecking and environmental impact mitigation. We would be happy to discuss all of the specialised sugar processing products that we can provide to help you get the most out of your conveyor system. Contact our sales team for more information.


At FPE Global we believe in helping our clients achieve maximum productivity, which is why we provide a number of services in addition to the design and installation of bespoke conveyor systems.

We can provide different levels of support depending on your needs.

Our engineers can carry out a process review, where they use their years of experience of sugar processing to ensure you increase productivity with minimal capital investment. They can then can further support you with process engineering for refinery expansion and wider sustainable strategies.


FPE Global’s on-site team of commissioning technicians provides support from the system’s initial conception to installation, ensuring delivery of the best possible final product.

You can trust the FPE Global team to work with you at any stage of the planning, implementation or review process, whatever your individual needs might be.


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Complete Material Handling Systems

The creation of a complete material handling system can be a daunting challenge, which is why we incorporate weighing, cleaning, conditioning, stock control and other services to make sure your new system works for you.


Whether a business is creating a complete material handling system, or improving its existing one, there are a number of challenges to consider.

Businesses need to consider fitting a new system around existing equipment, avoiding blockages and maintaining a continuous flow in production, all the while assuring safe transportation for all materials, ranging from the fragile to the volatile.

The FPE Global approach to creating material handling systems is simple: we invest in design so that the system can be installed and maintained with minimal disruption to your operations.

We consider the materials, processes, transfer rates, costs and distances involved, to create systems that maximise efficiency.



The journey to efficient material handling starts at our specialist production facility in Stockport, UK.

Here, our specialist team tests the materials, knowing that even slightest change to the particle size or make up of a material can alter the way it responds and can make a critical difference to the efficiency of transport.



Our engineering experts then conduct a visit to analyse the layout of your site.

We identify your exact requirements and map out the most effective transport route, designing a system that is fast, safe and provides maximum ROI.



Once the planning phases are complete, our team begins designing an efficient system for your business.

Complete Material Handling Systems services:

  • Production of pneumatic or mechanical intake and storage systems for your raw ingredients as they enter your site
  • Weighing, cleaning and conditioning of the materials
  • The provision of new, or interconnecting with existing, stock control systems
  • Delivery of bulk materials to your process from intake storage
  • Integration of sub process steps (dosing, weighing, mixing and size classification)
  • Delivery of fully automated batch and continuous ingredient handling

Whatever your process, FPE Global can provide the systems to make it work better. Contact us today to start your journey towards a complete material handling solution.


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FPE Global’s Test Centre is a state of the art materials handling testing facility designed and built with the sole purpose of helping our customers reduce risk with capital investments associated with their materials handling infrastructure.

Located at our UK based headquarters, close to Manchester Airport, FPE Global’s Test Centre includes a variety of materials handling technologies, including a multi-phase 500m pneumatic conveying system – the only one of its kind in the UK.

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Project Management

Central to FPE Global’s success and future strategy is our unrivalled Project Management capability.  With extensive industry experience, our project management function allows us to add value to any project from conception right through to onsite delivery, testing and sign off.

The ability to integrate our own range of materials handling technology, with other best in class third party equipment and systems is what allows FPE Global to deliver significant and unique value to our customers.  Our team has the capability to manage the most technically challenging of materials handling projects, ensuring that our customers exact requirements are met on time, within budget and within specification.

Ongoing development of our Project Management function, through training of our internal resources and development of our systems and procedures, is an essential part of our long term strategy, as we recognise that successful project delivery is fundamental to exceeding customer expectation.


Our breath of knowledge in materials handling stems from our Engineering capability, which has evolved with over 50 years of research, development and testing across multiple technology platforms.

Using the latest tools and software, our team of innovative mechanical, electrical, process and automation engineers work in sync with our expert Sales and Project Management teams to continuously develop and evolve our technology, introducing new and innovative solutions into a fast paced environment. It is through our Engineering capability that we have successfully built a large worldwide reference list and continue to drive our core strategy in focused market sectors.

The FPE Global approach to creating materials handling solutions is simple; we invest in the front end specification and design to ensure that the system can be installed and maintained with minimal risk and minimal disruption to our customer’s operations.


Site Services

FPE Global understands that Site Services are a vital part of any application and project.  Our unique capabilities in this area covers site installation, commissioning, maintenance, servicing, training, and on site refurbishment services. We also provide tailored training and preventative maintenance to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

We have developed a bespoke, high quality site and plant maintenance package for clients operating across all market sectors; Specialist Materials, Food and Beverage, Pet Food, Detergents and Chemicals and Renewables.


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