Coastal & Pier Restoration

Coastal & Pier Restoration

With an increase in the severity for British winter’s year on year, we have seen an up rise in coastal and pier restoration and future protection. This increase in coastal operations means that we have been kept busy with projects in recent years.

The main reason why winter spells disaster for British coastal infrastructure is the brutality in the waves that bombard the British coastline. This means that structures such as bridges, coastal protection and piers are at the forefront of this onslaught from the sea. Common issues that can be seen to evolve in the winter months can consist or anything from water erosion, fire damage and flooding from tide or storm weather. All of which can be resolved with careful planning and expert maintenance care.

Structural Steelwork

The most common work that can be done for piers is the structural steelwork being maintained or replaced. FPE Global has undertaken jobs on a wide array of very prestigious structures such as the Blackpool Tower, Hastings Pier and Comer pier. This in turn means that we have worked with projects that require to be remaining open to the public whilst the project is ongoing. FPE will aim to be able to fit your needs were possible and tailor to the project.

When it comes to pier restoration and the structural steelwork, it can be a very dangerous and high risk process. The steel RSJ’s can weigh anything up to a tonne and can cause a significant amount of damage to the onsite staff and to the structure itself if they were to be not handled in the correct manor. This means that the FPE site operations staff are trained to a very high level to be able to be experts in their individual field and complete the contract as efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining the highest level of standards within our work.

Rope Access

Maintenance of piers can sometimes be halted by tidal patterns or the length of the pier it’s self. When we can’t access the pier on foot and conditions allow we will employ other methods such as rope access to ensure that our progress isn’t halted and the project can continue as normal for the most efficient service.

Rope access eliminates the need for machinery and in turn can help keep the overall cost of the project to a minimal, whilst delivering the same level of quality seen in our other methods. FPE have four separate engineer teams that are specifically IARTA trained, the teams are made up of 5 engineers in each team and with there 8 years of experience can adapt to any project specification or challenge instantaneously.

Remember to contact FPE Global when it comes to coastal projects for a discussion on what we can do in the future and how we can tailor to your individual project needs.

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