The Benefits of FIBC Handling

The Benefits of FIBC Handling

Many businesses in this modern climate have been making the necessary switch into the FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) method of transporting goods on a massive scale. More often than not it’s for the simplicity and the sensibility to do so. There are many benefits to FIBC’s for material handling such as;

Reduced Packing Costs

The single standard FIBC can usually cost around 30% cheaper than the sack alternative and can be cheaper to transport to. This can come in handy when it comes to being able to transport goods that are only working a large sum of money in large amounts, examples being salt or sand.

Improve Worker Efficiency

Filling a lot of smaller sacks is a lot more time consuming than filling a FIBC. This will mean that when you switch to FIBC’s your processing will be a lot more efficient followed by the transport speed as loading lots of smaller bags will be slower than loading one FIBC. This on average means that FIBC s comes in at around 70% more efficient to fill and transport.

Product Assurance

The FIBC’s will always come ready for heavy duty work meaning that they will usually be able to withstand damage that a sack could not do. Yes if a single sack got damaged then it would be less of a problem than a FIBC but if you want nothing to get damaged that surely a cheaper yet better quality and stronger product shouldn’t be going without purchase.

Minimal Replacement costs

The FIBC will on average last around 10 times longer than a sack and will come to around 30% less cost to purchase. This will mean that on average over the FIBC’s life time if you switch from sacks it will pay for its self 3 times over with the savings from a single sack.

Reduced Crime Risk

In the correct economic climate and our era crime is rife and with criminals only really needing some man power to take what they want the FIBC really comes into play. A 3 man group of criminals could easily turn up in a van and steal a large quantity of sacks but if a 3 man band of criminals tried to steal a FIBC they would be in with a struggle as they weigh around a tonner rather than 25kg. This would mean they would need to take time to change the contents into sacks which would either work as a deterrent or a hindrance which would mean the authorities have time to respond. Either way if you’re having a trouble with criminals the FIBC is probably your best answer.

In Conclusion

With the increased benefits of around 30% less costs and a 300% saving on a lifetime of the average FIBC  followed by the benefits of minimal loss of property and easier transportation, the FIBC s becoming a part of most industries that require to mass transport loose product is becoming evidently the best option. Here at FPE Global we can supply the FIBC discharge and filling to be able to allow your business to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. The equipment can fill up to 60 tonnes worth of materials into FIBC’s an hour and can be made to a specific set of needs for maximum efficiency. Contact us today for a quote to improve your business.

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